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The Salvation Army as had a presence in Darlington since 1879 and continues to meet the needs of the community.


The past is God’s pledge for the future.


The Salvation Army arrived in Darlington July 12th 1879 when Captain Rose Clapham (21yrs) and Lieutenant Anne de Venny (19yrs) hire Livingston Hall which seated 2,500.

W.T Stead wrote “I found two delicate girls—one hardly able to write a letter; the other not yet nineteen—ministering to a crowded congregation which they had themselves collected out of the street, and building up an aggressive church-militant out of the human refuse which other churches regarded with blank despair”.

The end result was a new church with over 200 members attending every week by January 1880

In 1887 William Booth laid the foundation stone for Darlington Citadel, the main hall was built to hold 1,700 people with a smaller room beneath for 450 people.

In 2009 The Salvation Army builds a new church on Thompson St East.

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